Jode is the Palastani Goddess of music and creativity, called the Guardian of Song by her followers. While her primary temple, the Grand Jodan Templehall, is in Trolone, her priesthood maintains Jodan Templehalls in every Palastani city – or, more precisely, every Imperial city of Palastani origins – including Ptolus.

The Jodan Templehall in Ptolus is very old, and was in fact one of the first religious temples in the city. There had not yet been a Temple District when her temple was erected in Oldtown.

Followers of Jode see her as a champion of freedom, and her will is embodied through the Order of the Chord. As such, each of her Templehalls has two leaders: a high priestess and a Knight of the Chord. Traditionally, the Priestess is female and the Knight male, but just as musical styles evolve over time, so do Jodan traditions; it is not unheard of for congregation to be led by a high priest, or for a female Knight lead the local branch of the order.

Jode is a Chaotic Good deity. Her Domains are Air, Luck, Protection and Music¹; and her favored weapon is the short sword. Her priests usually have levels in both spellsinger² and cleric, and sing their verbal Cleric spell components. Jodan priests wear simple, attractive garments, but otherwise have no unified mode of dress.

¹ The Music Domain is originally presented in the Book of Eldritch Might II. Its domain power is: Three times per day, you may cast a spell with verbal components at +1 caster level. Its spells are: Hypnotism; Whispering Wind; Good Hope; Sculpt Sound; Shout; Mass Suggestion; Legend Lore; Mass Charm Monster; and Wail of the Banshee_._

² Spellsinger is another name for the Bard variant presented in the Book of Eldritch Might II. The primary difference between traditional Bards and Spellsingers is that Spellsingers do not use essentially the same spells as the Wizard or Sorcerer; they have spellsongs, which have a very different mechanic: there are move action spells called spellnotes, standard action spells called spellchords, and full-round action spells called spellmelodies. These do, however, function as arcane spells in many respects, and count as spells of 1st, 3rd and 5th levels, respectively. As such, many high ranking priests, including the High Priestess in Trolone, have levels in Mystic Theurge as well as Spellsinger and Cleric.

See the Book of Eldritch Might II for more information.


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