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As the Empire of Tarsis crumbles ever so slowly around it, Ptolus grows further away from the contested Lion Guarded Throne. The Lions themselves, the descendants of Delian Von Tessel, have died off without heir. Far from Ptolus, two claimants vie for control of the Empire, while the Emperor of the Church seeks to add the secular crown to his own. Through all of this, Ptolus continues as it has, guided by the City Council, ruled by the Commissar Igor Urnst.

As winter begins to close its fist around the coastal City by the Spire, the various factions of Ptolus vie for power, shoring up and tearing down the Empire and preparing for the new order that is to come. Or the lack thereof….

Expect information soon regarding character creation and possible house rules. This campaign will be two-sided, with two complete parties each gaming once a month. It follows as a sort of a sequel to the short-lived Ptolus campaign run by Nikkoth, although the game will follow a story entirely of my devising, based off the material provided by Monte Cook.

Current rulebooks in use in the campaign: the SRD; the Player’s Handbook II; the main campaign book, Ptolus: City by the Spire, as well as various related adventures; the Complete series, including Complete Adventurer, Complete Arcane, Complete Champion, Complete Divine, Complete Mage, Complete Scoundrel and Complete Warrior; and Dragon Magic. Variant classes, and possibly other variant rules, from Unearthed Arcana, are currently being examined for viability in the campaign.

Except updates regularly, as I slowly [okay, very slowly ^^] add information to the campaign wiki. Both information In- and Out-of-Character will be provided, on the characters and setting as well as the rules and rulebooks central to this game.

Main Page

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