Knights of the Chord

The Knights of the Chord are a small order of Knights devoted to the ideal of upholding freedom and protecting the innocent. One and all, they draw strength through the power of song; in fact, many Knights used to be minstrels or bards, though most have become devoted to their cause and have largely eschewed performing for the sake of entertainment.

The Order is based out of the Jodan Templehall in Oldtown. Many of the Knights revere the goddess Jode, though this is not a universal trait; all, however, are at least respectful of the fact that the Templehall also serves as a place of worship to the goddess of music.

While the Order’s nominal head in Ptolus is Hallusiun Everfar, many also look to Nivae Tamelli for guidance, though she has turned down the offer to assume the mantle of leadership numerous times.

The Knights of the Chord are known to be bound to House Kath, whose high seat may call upon their aid in times of need. It is also hardly secret that the Knights hold a great enmity towards House Vladaam.

Knights of the Chord

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