House Rules

House Rules is an ancient and noble family from… oh, wait, no.

First and foremost, please see the list of books in use for this game. They are the sources of all the default rules in the game. Unless specified otherwise, assume any rule in those books [not counting Unearthed Arcana] are in effect.

House Rule #1 Ability scores: Roll 3d6 seven times. Lowest score is eliminated. Total modifier must be +3 or higher.

House Rule #2 PCs may use the Expert and Warrior Generic Classes from Unearthed Arcana. Likewise, many Guards in Ptolus will be Warriors, not Fighters.

House Rule #3 BAB and Saving Throw scores are treated as fractions. Your current BAB/STs will always be rounded down, but you accrue a full fractional amount every level.

Most house rules that will be added will come in the form of optional rules taken from existing supplements, such as Unearthed Arcana. On that note, I am currently reviewing UA for rules that I find satisfactory for the campaign.

There is also the possibility that I will be crafting my own house rules for certain special races: namely, the kin of dragons and outsiders. In the long run, I would like to come up with a decently fleshed out system for mixed breeds of all kinds, especially including those who have an ancestor or ancestors of a particularly potent [magical or otherwise] genetics. This is a more long term project than anything. At this time, it only affects an NPC whose specific statblock is unimportant at this time. If more significant numbers of such people arise, or if a statblock for one becomes particularly crucial, I will likely make this a priority at that time.

House Rules

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