• Annaliese Schmid

    Annaliese Schmid

    Renowned blacksmith of North Market in Ptolus
  • Rann Yintra Charn

    Rann Yintra Charn

    Female Litorian Dragon Shaman
  • Rillwyn d'Artagnia

    Rillwyn d'Artagnia

    He's the prince from the cover of that fantasy romance novel... And yes, he's every bit as smart as you'd think based on that.
  • Sykron


    Human, neutral good, battle mage guard trainee seeking to gain experience while on leave prior to first assignment
  • Brother Fabitor Thisk

    Brother Fabitor Thisk

    Low ranking priest to the god Lothian, caretaker of St. Gustav's Chapel in the Delver's Square in Ptolus.
  • Igor Urnst

    Igor Urnst

    Imperial Governor of the City by the Spire
  • Jevicca Nor

    Jevicca Nor

    Famous arcanist, public face of the Inverted Pyramid in Ptolus.
  • Kalerecent


    Paladin in the service of the Church of Lothian
  • Kalerecent Erthuo

    Kalerecent Erthuo

    Half-elf Paladin, nephew of Lady Peliope Erthuo
  • Ren Whitlock

    Ren Whitlock

    A delver with a snowy white falcon