Ptolus: The Winter of Death

Walking Chaos

Something caused mass chaos on the streets of Oldtown – and perhaps South Market as well – as a number of people began exhibiting magical abilities previously unseen.

Obviously I will update this further when get a chance. Will post it soon while everything’s fresh. Likewise obviously, that image is a placeholder. I’m going to edit it with a date relevant to the game, and will probably continue to make broadsheets be the format of the Adventure Log. Either way though I need to come up with a few more details that haven’t come up in game before I can write the log, but in the meantime feel free to comment your recollections on the game below.


Althanel writes of this event in his journal: Fireday, 6th of Newyear, 721 IA. Someone or something is causing people with untapped arcane potential to violently lose control of their previously unknown abilities. Research has lead me to believe that the one responsible is a person imprisoned in the Banewarrens thousands of years ago by none other than Danar himself. He seems to have no control over the chaos he causes, and may be insane. It looks like he’s left the city, but he must still be found. If he is responsible, his very existence is a threat to the city. Ten people died today.

Regardless, if the Banewarrens are now open, as I fear they may be, he is the least of our worries. If one seal is broken, any number of them could be. Jevicca Nor of the Inverted Pyramid has offered myself and a few others (more on them later) 800 gold Imperials each to investigate the opened seal, and report back to her. I’m sure they wouldn’t offer so much, particularly with 15 dragons in advance, unless they knew the job to be dangerous. Likewise, Brother Fabitor Thisk of the Church has offered a flat sum reward of 2,000 thrones for the safe return of the paladin Calerecent. Perhaps we can kill two birds with one stone, though if the paladin was foolish enough to venture deep into the Banewarrens alone, I fear we may have to be satisfied with the 1,000 offered for his corpse. If we find him at all.

Walking Chaos

Apparently, editing of comments, even your own, is not allowed… which is highly annoying considering there is no preview command.

Minor fixes for your entry: it is now 722 IA; I should also point out though that Jevicca contacted you on Queensday. I forget ATM if Brother Thisk found you late on Fireday or if he, too, visited Queensday. If no one else remembers I’ll try to recall. Related corrections: Jevicca offered 850 GP [so another 700 each is hopefully coming your way]; and the Paladin’s name is Kalerecent.

Walking Chaos

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